Tokyo Ghoul Cake!


When I was a kid (I’m only 25 and still feel like I’m 10) anime was a huge part of my life. Sailor Moon was my first love, then came Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, and so many more. I may or may not own all the seasons of Sailor moon, and I may or may not throw it on whenever I’m sick for some moon crystal power love. That said, I’m not hip to Toyko Ghoul. I hadnt heard of it before I was asked to make it into a cake, but it didnt take long for me to delve into the depths of crunchyroll and watch a few episodes.I’m really glad I did because its a really awesome anime that has some very mature themes.

Cakes that revolve around people are always tough for me. Sculpting faces is not my forte, but I did my best with this one and am happy with how it turned out. It got a nod from the young man receiving it, so I’m pretty sure that translated into approval. The background was simply some red food coloring I had mixed with a bit of vodka, which I then flung onto the cake to create this blood spattered pattern. I used pictures of the main character in toy form as my muse for the figurines and added a bit of tylose powder to my fondant to sculpt them.



Beatles Tribute cake!

Cake is all you need!


It was my sister birthday recently and she is a massive fan of The Beatles. Massive. She has more memorabilia than you can shake a stick at, so when it came time to think about what I was going to make for her birthday party, it was a no brainier.

The top tier was inspired by a collection of other cakes I had found with a similar theme, and the yellow submarine was made using a stencil and fondant. It looks complicated, but it actually came together pretty easily with a little patience. I’d like to tell you that love is all you need to make this cake, but an Xacto knife doesn’t hurt either, especially with the logo on the bottom tier. I printed off the lettering to fit my tier and then chilled my fondant for about 5 mins in the freezer once I had rolled it out so that it was easier to cut and didn’t drag with my knife.I used a black edible food marker for the writing on the middle tier, and piping gel to secure all of the hearts, stripes and bubbles.

This was a massive hit with my sister, and even just creating one tier of this cake will make any Beatles fan smile!

Mega man Cake!


“Time to get serious!”


This cake was challenging. I’m going to be real with you. I made a boo boo and had written this cake in a day later then it was due, so it was a bit of a scramble when I realized I in fact only had one day to tie everything together. Luckily I had made the characters before hand (phew) as I knew they were going to take a several hours to make plus a couple of days for the fondant to firm up and set. I am overall really happy with how they turned out and even happier that Mega man could stand on his own(thank you internal supports i.e skewers).


I didn’t really have a whole lot to go on for the background since the game is very pixelated and the background still shots kind of just blend together, so I did my darnedest to make it look somewhat like the real thing. Its always tough when you aren’t familiar with the theme you are doing, so it is really REALLY helpful to draw as much info out of your clients as possible and be sure to get pictures that they approve of as well. At the end of the day they were thrilled with the final design and I had a mean hankering to play some Super Mario! Its the only video game I can last more than  5 minutes in, so you could say I’m pretty good. Bye for now!



Toy Story Goodies!


Welcome back my crumblets! I had THE BEST weekend. One of my clients was absolutely amazing and did up the best party I ever did see for her little girl turning 5. The theme was Toy Story, specifically Jessie. All of the snacks and treats were TS themed, so I was super excited to be able to add to their already rockin’ goodies table.

The cupcakes were simple yet sooo cute! I finished these first because they were going to the little ones class the day before the party for everyone to enjoy. I made the little hats from red fondant and used a combo of white fondant and white chocolate for the trim. These babies were sitting on a cloud of Swiss Meringue buttercream atop a moist vanilla cupcake.I wasnt there to witness it myself, but I was told the kids went nuts for these.


Then came the cake pops. Oh the cake pops. I’m going to be real with you. I am not a fan of cake pops. Never have been, probably never will be. Before I started this whole cake adventure, I always thought cake pops were far too sweet. either too much icing mixed in or the candy coating was way too thick. Now that I have to make them for clients, I try my hardest to make sure the sweetness is toned down, but I leave it to my boyfriend to do most of the sampling.

These were actually super easy to make!


The cow print ones (ignore the one that decided to slip down) were just pops I dipped in white candy melts and then piped on the design using black melts . Badda bing badda boom, done.

Hamm the pig was a little more time consuming but still super easy. Once you have the cake ball chilled with the stick in it, take two chocolate chips and secure them to the top with a little melted chocolate. For his little snout, take a chocolate wafer (the little round coin looking ones) and make sure you are pressing the top into the cake pop so the flat bottom is showing. Again use some chocolate to secure it in place. Chill them in the fridge for a couple of minutes, making sure the chocolate has set before you dip the whole thing into your pink candy melts. I used pink and black edible food markers to draw on his features, looking at a pic for guidance.

On to the cake! My client had sent me a photo of a cake done by Cake Diane Custom Cake Studio so I based my cake off of that with a few differences. Everything was done in fondant and I am super happy with how it turned out!


Overall this was an amazing theme to do and I had such a fun time doing it! I will be trying to upload at least 2 blog posts a week from here on out and Youtube tutorials are coming soon! Thank you for reading this:)

Bye for now!



Charlie Brown Cake!


You’re on a cake Charlie Brown!!

I am guilty of not watching a lot of Charlie Brown when I was a kid, except of course for the holiday specials. I feel like I missed out on a lot so it makes me smile to see younger kids appreciate cartoons that hold a lot of nostalgia.

I made this cake for the cutest little CB enthusiast who was super excited for the new Peanuts movie! Everything was made from fondant with a little added tylose powder to help the figurines dry nice and firm. I used food coloring mixed with vodka to get the two colors on the cake and a black food grade marker to draw on the “grass” detailing. 12669873_1570239086637444_851544174_o

I freaking love how Snoopy turned out and of course little Woodstock just hanging out on his belly. Everything was surprisingly easy to sculpt and Charlie brown is a great figurine to make even if you’re a beginner because his face is so simple!

Inside Out Cake!

12472325_686950001448282_4644477986373467335_n - Copy

I don’t know about you guys, but Inside Out kind of destroyed me emotionally. I think we all know which scene I’m referring to…who’s your friend who likes to play…UGH the tears!! I ugly cried when Bing Bong met his fate, so when my niece asked me to make her an Inside Out cake for her birthday, I knew I’d give myself a little closure by putting Bing Bong on the moon. 12959282_1608704206124265_1031263240_o

All of the figures were sculpted from fondant and the moon was made using a half ball pan. I really wish I had more time to put this cake together but I am pretty happy with how it turned out given the short notice. Joy isnt pictured because she had already been plucked off the board by the birthday girl before I could snap a pic. 12952837_1608704172790935_852282566_o12941140_1608704156124270_1524565735_o

I had a ton of fun making this cake and the kids went NUTS over it. I will definitely be making another Inside Out cake in the future when I can put a little more time into the details!

Xbox 1 cake!


For the gamer in your life!

It was an intense weekend for me! I had cake orders coming out of my ears and only little ol’ me in the kitchen. We currently have 2 cats, 2 rats, 2 BABY bunnies, and one sassy little wiener dog who all demand my attention and keep me from getting down to the kitchen and working on my orders. Luckily I think I could have made this cake in my sleep, mostly because my boyfriend is a big gamer so I am no stranger to this particular gaming console!

I started out with a cookie sheet and baked 4 layers of my chocolate mud cake.I trimmed off either end to make the cake a little shorter, and dressed it up with some vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. Then on to the fondant.

Ahh the elusive black fondant. Always cracks. Always tears. Like many other cakers I have talked to, color rich fondants can be tough to handle. I’ve mentioned it before in my Marshall cake tutorial, but the key is to knead the day lights out of the fondant and never EVER use cornstarch or icing sugar when rolling it out. Lightly grease your work space with shortening and work quickly. Once on the cake be sure to secure the sides as this is where your fondant is mostly likely to tear. Gently smooth it against the sides and be careful not to pull at it too much.

I shaped the controller from black fondant using one of my boyfriends controllers as a muse and used an Xacto knife to cut out all of the trimmings and lettering. I used a sterilized ruler to mark the top and pressed it against the edge on the one side to give it a more slanted look then added a thing strip of grey fondant for the disk slot. I finished it off by rubbing the entire surface with shortening to give it a plastic like shine and voila!! The cake was boyfriend approved and a huge hit at the party!


Dr.Seuss cake!


Who doesn’t love the doctor? I was so excited to make this cake for a client as I was given free reign with the design and tried to cram in as much seussy-ness as possible. This bad boy was half chocolate mud cake with orange curd filling and half vanilla cake with lemon curd filling. Every element of this cake was hand made/painted with references I pulled from google. Edible markers are your friends with cakes like these, as you can see the black lines all over the cake are what really pull it together and make it look like the real deal.


Don’t even start me on the Lorax. Every time I see that movie I bawl like a baby. I wanted him to be front and center on the bottom tier because not only is he so dang cute he was a nice focal point for a very “noisy” background.

One handy thing about hand drawn decorations is that you can make them before you stick them on the cake, so if mistakes happen (and they will happen) you can simply start again without compromising the design.


This was so fun to make and I secretly hope for many more. I had done a seuss cake about a year ago and it was nice to see the progress I have made with my cake decorating!


Dr seuss - Copy

Elephant cake for a 1st birthday!


Elephants! This design was based partly off of a cake my client found on for their little dudes first birthday. Everything was made from marshmallow fondant with a little added tylose to the elephant topper to help it set up faster. One of the issues I had come across commonly with grey fondant is complaints that after either mixing a little black fondant with white or adding black food dye to the white, it would tinge purple or green. This typically happens because of an unbalance of the primary colors red, yellow and blue that are used to make black. In this cake I fixed this issue by adding just a dab of yellow and it did the trick. Depending on which color your fondant tinges, you may need to add a dab of one of the other colors to correct this problem. Do not give up though! In most cases your grey fondant is completely fixable:)

To create the elephants going along the sides I used a template I found online and cute the shape out with an xacto knife. I then formed a tear drop shape which I flattened for the ears and rolled out a tiny piece of white for the little tusks. I used a bamboo skewer for the balloon stick and added the balloon before I stuck it into the cake so that it could firm up and I wouldn’t have to worry about it shifting after I sat it upright on the cake.

All in all this was a super cute idea and really simple to put together for a clean, professional look!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake!


Who the frick didn’t love this book when they were  a kid?!?!  I was so happy to have a customer request this and it brought back all kinds of memories as I  started putting it together.  All decorations were made from fondant and chosen from things this little dude chowed down on in the story.


To achieve the mottled green look I just dyed fondant three different shades and mixed it together so that each piece was a little different. The “1” on top was made from fondant and I secured it with a skewer.  When making standing numbers or anything of that nature that you need to stay up right, be sure to let it dry at least overnight.  Add the skewer when the fondant is still pliable so that you don’t crack already set fondant.

This is the perfect cake for a little ones first birthday or even a baby shower cake!