Jeep Cake!


I have always put off doing any vehicle cakes as I had a terrible experience when I first started decorating professionally. I did a Nissan Juke that was…interesting. It was a classic case of not knowing what I was doing and taking on a cake that totally kicked my butt. That was a year ago, and I finally decided to get over my fears and try again. I am so pleased with how this cake turned out, and it felt amazing to see how far I had come with decorating.

You definitely need to use a denser cake for something that is carved like this one. Using a sponge cake with a softer crumb will more then likely make it difficult for you to get sharp lines and leave your cake looking sunken and lumpy. I used skewers and floral wire to help build the top of the jeep, and used wooden supports that I hot glued to my cake board to get the cake raised up. To make the cake look a little more rugged, I used edible brown color dust and dirtied up a couple of spots. Make the wheels a couple of days in advance so that they are nice and solid and don’t sink when you attach them to the cake using skewers.