Captain America Minion Cake!


So I recently made a cake for a little guy who loved both Minions and the good Captain, but he couldn’t decide on which cake he wanted for his birthday. After some brainstorming I decided that this was a nice compromise, and thankfully there are plenty of reference pictures out there so it made the final design all the more easy to do!

The new Captain America movie helped get me through this one, because as much as I love minions, I have made a million of them now in cake form. Well not millions, maybe dozens is more accurate. But still. Whenever a family friend says there tiny human wants a minion cake, tears are usually shed. Thankfully I had just seen Civil War, so I was still hyped up enough to enjoy bringing this guy to life. If you haven’t checked out the newest Captain America movie, I highly suggest you do! It was very well done and in my opinion is still one of the better super hero movie franchises out there that hasn’t lost its way.

For detailed instructions on how this cake was made you can click on the video above! If you ever want to see a certain cake theme done please feel free to comment on my Youtube channel and I’ll be sure to add it to the list.