Beatles Tribute cake!

Cake is all you need!


It was my sister birthday recently and she is a massive fan of The Beatles. Massive. She has more memorabilia than you can shake a stick at, so when it came time to think about what I was going to make for her birthday party, it was a no brainier.

The top tier was inspired by a collection of other cakes I had found with a similar theme, and the yellow submarine was made using a stencil and fondant. It looks complicated, but it actually came together pretty easily with a little patience. I’d like to tell you that love is all you need to make this cake, but an Xacto knife doesn’t hurt either, especially with the logo on the bottom tier. I printed off the lettering to fit my tier and then chilled my fondant for about 5 mins in the freezer once I had rolled it out so that it was easier to cut and didn’t drag with my knife.I used a black edible food marker for the writing on the middle tier, and piping gel to secure all of the hearts, stripes and bubbles.

This was a massive hit with my sister, and even just creating one tier of this cake will make any Beatles fan smile!