Xbox 1 cake!


For the gamer in your life!

It was an intense weekend for me! I had cake orders coming out of my ears and only little ol’ me in the kitchen. We currently have 2 cats, 2 rats, 2 BABY bunnies, and one sassy little wiener dog who all demand my attention and keep me from getting down to the kitchen and working on my orders. Luckily I think I could have made this cake in my sleep, mostly because my boyfriend is a big gamer so I am no stranger to this particular gaming console!

I started out with a cookie sheet and baked 4 layers of my chocolate mud cake.I trimmed off either end to make the cake a little shorter, and dressed it up with some vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. Then on to the fondant.

Ahh the elusive black fondant. Always cracks. Always tears. Like many other cakers I have talked to, color rich fondants can be tough to handle. I’ve mentioned it before in my Marshall cake tutorial, but the key is to knead the day lights out of the fondant and never EVER use cornstarch or icing sugar when rolling it out. Lightly grease your work space with shortening and work quickly. Once on the cake be sure to secure the sides as this is where your fondant is mostly likely to tear. Gently smooth it against the sides and be careful not to pull at it too much.

I shaped the controller from black fondant using one of my boyfriends controllers as a muse and used an Xacto knife to cut out all of the trimmings and lettering. I used a sterilized ruler to mark the top and pressed it against the edge on the one side to give it a more slanted look then added a thing strip of grey fondant for the disk slot. I finished it off by rubbing the entire surface with shortening to give it a plastic like shine and voila!! The cake was boyfriend approved and a huge hit at the party!