Charlie Brown Cake!


You’re on a cake Charlie Brown!!

I am guilty of not watching a lot of Charlie Brown when I was a kid, except of course for the holiday specials. I feel like I missed out on a lot so it makes me smile to see younger kids appreciate cartoons that hold a lot of nostalgia.

I made this cake for the cutest little CB enthusiast who was super excited for the new Peanuts movie! Everything was made from fondant with a little added tylose powder to help the figurines dry nice and firm. I used food coloring mixed with vodka to get the two colors on the cake and a black food grade marker to draw on the “grass” detailing. 12669873_1570239086637444_851544174_o

I freaking love how Snoopy turned out and of course little Woodstock just hanging out on his belly. Everything was surprisingly easy to sculpt and Charlie brown is a great figurine to make even if you’re a beginner because his face is so simple!