Dr.Seuss cake!


Who doesn’t love the doctor? I was so excited to make this cake for a client as I was given free reign with the design and tried to cram in as much seussy-ness as possible. This bad boy was half chocolate mud cake with orange curd filling and half vanilla cake with lemon curd filling. Every element of this cake was hand made/painted with references I pulled from google. Edible markers are your friends with cakes like these, as you can see the black lines all over the cake are what really pull it together and make it look like the real deal.


Don’t even start me on the Lorax. Every time I see that movie I bawl like a baby. I wanted him to be front and center on the bottom tier because not only is he so dang cute he was a nice focal point for a very “noisy” background.

One handy thing about hand drawn decorations is that you can make them before you stick them on the cake, so if mistakes happen (and they will happen) you can simply start again without compromising the design.


This was so fun to make and I secretly hope for many more. I had done a seuss cake about a year ago and it was nice to see the progress I have made with my cake decorating!


Dr seuss - Copy