Elephant cake for a 1st birthday!


Elephants! This design was based partly off of a cake my client found on sweetfamingo.com for their little dudes first birthday. Everything was made from marshmallow fondant with a little added tylose to the elephant topper to help it set up faster. One of the issues I had come across commonly with grey fondant is complaints that after either mixing a little black fondant with white or adding black food dye to the white, it would tinge purple or green. This typically happens because of an unbalance of the primary colors red, yellow and blue that are used to make black. In this cake I fixed this issue by adding just a dab of yellow and it did the trick. Depending on which color your fondant tinges, you may need to add a dab of one of the other colors to correct this problem. Do not give up though! In most cases your grey fondant is completely fixable:)

To create the elephants going along the sides I used a template I found online and cute the shape out with an xacto knife. I then formed a tear drop shape which I flattened for the ears and rolled out a tiny piece of white for the little tusks. I used a bamboo skewer for the balloon stick and added the balloon before I stuck it into the cake so that it could firm up and I wouldn’t have to worry about it shifting after I sat it upright on the cake.

All in all this was a super cute idea and really simple to put together for a clean, professional look!