The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake!


Who the frick didn’t love this book when they were  a kid?!?!  I was so happy to have a customer request this and it brought back all kinds of memories as I  started putting it together.  All decorations were made from fondant and chosen from things this little dude chowed down on in the story.


To achieve the mottled green look I just dyed fondant three different shades and mixed it together so that each piece was a little different. The “1” on top was made from fondant and I secured it with a skewer.  When making standing numbers or anything of that nature that you need to stay up right, be sure to let it dry at least overnight.  Add the skewer when the fondant is still pliable so that you don’t crack already set fondant.

This is the perfect cake for a little ones first birthday or even a baby shower cake!