Labyrinth Cake!



Like many people around the world, I was absolutely devastated when I heard of David Bowie’s passing.  Whether it was through his music or his movies, he influenced all of his fans in a different way, and I am certainly no exception.  There was one movie in particular that really lit my fire when I was a kid, and I am proud to say that Jareth from the Labyrinth was my very first crush. The hair. The makeup. The little ball thingies he danced around in his hands. I loved everything about that movie and I think I have seen it about a thousand times!

It just so happens that one of my cousins was celebrating her birthday about a week after Bowie passed, and since she was a massive fan herself I decided to make a little tribute to the cult classic.  Every single piece of this cake is edible except for the crystal balls.  While making them with sugar wouldn’t have been impossible, it would have been tricky to make them bubble free, and I wanted to make sure they were…crystal…clear. Sorry. I’ll stop.  I picked them up from Michaels and secured them to the cake using piping gel which worked like a hot dang.


Ludo was actually supposed to sit somewhere else on the cake, and I wish I had gotten a bigger cake board so I didnt have him hanging off like that.  However, for the most part I was happy with how he came out!12620761_1568475833480436_1518053201_o

I decided to honor Jareth in his owl form versus his human form since he was far to fabulous for me to attempt to make him out of fondant.  I think he would have come out looking a little derpy if I had tried to sculpt his face, so I decided that a barn owl would be the best looking route.12632825_1568475816813771_1777953989_o

I added the black goo to represent the Bog of Eternel Stench, and I may have made a couple of fart noises with my mouth while piping it on.  I was careful not to get it on my fingers of course!12630892_1568475810147105_696775444_o

The door guys were definitely the most time consuming, clocking in at about 3 hours to make both of them.  The bottom tier was heavily influenced by Black Cherry Cakes.12620728_1568475783480441_748242440_o

The worm is definitely the most quoted character among my family and friends so I wanted to make sure I did him justice.  His little face just cracks me up!!

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this very special cake. I strongly encourage you to set aside a couple of hours to experience a little nostalgia and watch the movie!!