Scary clown cake!


Hello my crumblets!! Charity here.

It has been a while since I have made a post due to being uber busy with life, but I thought I would get my butt in gear and do a wee bit o’ blogging.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. By far. Christmas is a close second, but there is something about Halloween that warms me heart and chills me blood. Sorry…I’ll stop now.

I did the usual spider cupcakes and pumpkin cookies, but I had one client request a cake of the the scary clown variety. I didnt really have a reference photo to go off of so I’m super happy with how this came out. I am not one to sketch out any ideas or do a whole lot of design planning, everything just seems to come together as I go along. I used a 9′ round and carved away a bit of the sides in the rough shape of a head, cutting out holes for the eyes and mouth. I mixed the trimmings with icing until I had a cake pop consistency, then used that to sculpt the brows and features of the clown. After laying on my fondant I added all of the details and used a wig I purchased from a Halloween store.

This thing was kept niiiiiice and secure in its box all night so I didnt have to worry about waking up with it at the end of my bed at 3 in the morning.