New Favorite//Sephora cream lip stain

Hi hello!

I have a serious new love. and it’s the Sephora brand cream lip stains.

Oh mama these are the bomb dot com. Let me start of by saying that I have Invisaligns. Basically braces that are retainers I change out of on a cycle and they slowly manipulate my teeth. Meaning I have to take these buddies in and out several times a day. And as much as I absolutely LOVE lipstick. It has become very hard to wear with my retainers.

And that is where these come in


I have two colors. Red and a kind of a wine purple.

These products are a breeze and totally to die for. They are creamy but they stay on so well. There are many to select from and my ultimate goal is to buy all of them. All. Of. Them. The two photos were taken days apart on different occasions wearing my current favorite of the two.

Note* In the second picture my foundation is buffed in with the Tarte airbrush finish foundation brush I mentioned in a previous post. 



Danae xo