Minecraft cake!

Minecraft cake

Why hello my dear crumblets. Imma preface this by fully admitting that I know zero about Minecraft. Well, that’s not totally true I guess. I know you build stuff, in a block like fashion, but that’s about it.

I had a little guy request this cake and wanted to briefly talk about how this creation came to be. I was given a reference photo of what the birthday dude wanted so if you are going to try and recreate it I strongly suggest you have something to go off of.

Step one. Squares. Oh the freakin’ squares. After I finished cutting all those darn squares my hand looked like a claw.

To start off you want to color your fondant a dark green and a dark brown. Break each ball into 3 sections and add white fondant to two of those to lighten them, so that you have three shades of green and three shades of brown. So, a little bit of white into one ball so its slightly lightly than your original, then a little more white into the third ball so its lighter than the first two. I hope that made sense.

I printed out a grid of squares to use as a guide for the size of my “blocks”. I placed a piece of parchment  over top of this grid so that I could lay my rolled out fondant on top. Using a pizza cutter, an xacto knife, and a ruler I cut out square after square after square. Once your done its all about applying them randomly on your cake. You want to start with the brown for the dirt section, making sure that the colors are all mixed up. Continue up and change the color to greens.

For the sword, I used my printed out grid and different shades of grey/black/brown to construct the general shape that I wanted. Once I was happy with it, I rolled out a piece of fondant and placed the blocks on top in the same pattern, cutting the excess fondant away from the sides of the sword. This allows your sword to have more stability when you sit it upright. I let mine dry for about three days, then I rolled out yet another piece of fondant and placed a thick scewer on top of it with about half of it hanging out so that it could stick into my cake. I brushed the surface with water and put the sword on top so the scewer was sandwiched between  the layers.

For the top tier, I just used the brown squares for the bottom and then cut a strip of white fondant for the middle. I draped a piece of green fondant over the top and then cut the bottoms of it so that is was kind of wavy. Then I used some brown color dust to kind of smoke out the white.

The character and TNT were just made from blocks I shaped using my hands.

I’ve attatched the reference photo I used as all credit for the design goes to The Violet Cake Shop!