Five nights at Freddy’s cake!

Friday at freddies cake 1

This cake scared me, not gonna lie. When I was told it was for a 9 year old I was all, “oh suuuuure, no problemo, its going to be cute!”

Then I looked up what exactly it was and I was totally creeped out. As I started to construct these guys out of fondant I wanted them in my house less and less. I guess its rooted in my fear of puppets and marionettes (thanks goosebumps), so anything that looks kind of puppety really freaks me out, especially when I have to use floral wire in their arms so they can be bendy. No thanks.

All creepiness aside, I was really happy with how these turned out. I was even happier to drop it off, especially since the kids party was at an SPCA so there were cute dogs to make Freddy’s smiling face a distant memory!

Not much to say about this one, you can see their bodies were made up of block like shapes,and like I mentioned I ran floral wire through their arms to keep the block kind of broken up. I put a skewer through their torsos so that it went into the cake, then secured the head on top.

For their faces I used a reference photo which you can easily find online!