How to make a Curious George cake!

We all know George and we all know he’s curious. He’ll steal yo food, he’ll steal yo hat and you bet your bottom he’ll steal yo cake (all with innocent intentions, of course).Despite his light fingers this cute little guy is a household staple in most homes with kids, therefore he’s a huge request I get allll the time.

Today I’m going to show you how to make this super simple and cute cake for the little monkey in your life!


Begin with finding a reference picture. I always find its easier to have a visual to look at and in this instance I actually traced out his face and features and cut it out with a pair of scissors.I used Wilton food gel coloring in the shades brown (you’ll need dark and light), black, yellow and pink. Use whatever colors you would like for the balloons! For the darker brown, mix in a little black fondant. Just a smidge. I find it always helps me achieve the darker shades faster instead of adding a boatload of coloring.

I started out with his head. You’ll want to lightly dust your fondant/gum-paste with cornstarch after you’ve rolled it out to prevent your stencil from sticking to the surface. Nothing is as frustrating as sticky fondant, especially when you’ve just traced out your design and go to peel it up to find an absolute mess.

12164896_10153528023930358_157621688_o - Copy

Once I cut out George’s head using an xacto knife, I trimmed down the stencil around his face so I could trace out the next portion.


I then placed his face on top of the base I cut out.

12164547_10153528023245358_1854806093_o - Copy

I then cut out the ears on my original stencil and traced those out.

12168625_10153528023125358_241869_o 12165419_10153528023080358_1406173536_o - Copy 12165266_10153528022695358_411922751_o

Attach them to your monkey face using a small amount of water or piping gel. If you are using water as your adhesive, you want to make sure you are using just a touch. You want the fondant to be tacky, like glue, not super wet and slippery!


Trace out your mouth and apply that next!

12168235_10153528022285358_1148528613_o - Copy 12119758_10153528022040358_1926648452_o

For the eyes, I used the end of a piping tip and cut out two white circles, slightly pinching the ends so that they taper down a bit. Apply to your face and use your picture for reference!


Next add you pupils!


You’ll want to roll out a reeeallyyy thin snake of black and outline the top of George’s eyes, his nose and his mouth. I just free handed the placement of his nose, again, referencing ma’ picture.

12168363_10153528021700358_155922951_o 12168562_10153528021575358_923695598_o

Finally I rolled out a little bit of pink and added in a wee tongue!


Set that aside and let it firm up a bit while we start on the body. I just free handed the shape of his body and made my own little stencil to trace out. I added his hands using the same method, making sure to use the lighter color. In the picture I was given, George was holding a pair of balloons in one hand and throwin’ up a peace sign with the other,so I manipulated the fingers to create the look.


For the fondant on the cake I used lemon yellow and built it up until I had a nice light banana like shade. I added George to the top and then cut out my balloons using a circle cutter. Lightly pinch the ends to make it more of an elongated shape. Roll out some thin white fondant and add them as strings.


Now you can add the personal details like the name and maybe the age in the balloons, like dis!


And that’s it! Super cute and not all that difficult on the decorating scale!