Princess Carriage Cake!

So this is cake, mmhmmmhmmm.


I love Cinderella, both old and new. That dress, the shoes, and of course the pumpkin carriage! When my client asked for a pumpkin cake, her exacts words were, “I just want it to be pretty, like Cinderella pretty, even though its a pumpkin.”

My brain globbed onto the word Cinderella, and well, here we are. I wanted it to be super girly, and since her party color was pink, I swapped that out for the white or blue that was used in the movies. I know this really isn’t a tutorial per say, but I just wanted to talk about the details for anyone who may wonder!

For the shape of the cake, I baked two 8′ ball cakes and put them together with a cake board in the middle. Make sure you use dowels in the lower half of the cake to support the top. This is not optional. If you don’t put supports in the cake, it will collapse and you will be sad. If you aren’t sure of the doweling process, you can look around on YouTube for visual instructions!

I then gave my cake a good coat of Swiss Meringue buttercream and covered it in my fondant. For the gold detailing, its all just leaf shapes I arranged all fancy and stuff. I started with plain white fondant and then painted it gold once it was applied how I liked it.

For the wheels, I added some tylose powder to white fondant and rolled it out to the desired shape. You could also use gumpaste for this. Make sure to let your pieces dry completely before applying them to your cake, making them a couple of days ahead if possible. If they are not fully set by the time you want to apply them, they will crack. I painted them before I applied them but give them a touch up after because your fingers may smudge them a bit. To secure them to the cake I used floral wire, looping pieces around the side of the wheel and then pushing them into the cake. Be sure to use a couple of pieces for each wheel so its nice and snug.

I just free handed the S and thought it was a really nice touch. My biggest tip is to give your gold pieces a couple of coats and take your time. You don’t want any white to show through so be meticulous around the edges. I gave mine 2 solid coats and touched up wherever possible. I got my gold luster from global sugar art online and highly advise doing your research and reading reviews before buying. Lots of luster dusts dont have a very strong pigment, and you really want to make sure its going to look metallic and not opaque!

So that’s about it! I hope you enjoyed reading:)