Rick and Morty cake tutorial!

Whatup my glip glops!!


Charity checking in here, and if you like the wild, intergalactic ride that is Rick and Morty, you’re going to love this cake tutorial. One of my friends birthdays was this past week and, like me, he is a dedicated fan of the show and wanted a little sprinkling of Rick on his cake. Follow along with me as I show you had to make this eye-hole flavored confectionery!

To begin, we are going to color our fondant. I’m a stickler for details,and you if look at a reference pic of Rick and Morty, you’ll notice that Rick’s skin has a more grey tone than Morty’s normal flesh tone. I took Wilton’s food coloring gel in the shades golden yellow, burgundy, and black to get the desired shade I wanted for Morty. Then I split the fondant in half and added a little more black to the fondant I was going to be using for Rick. The difference is very subtle, but it made my brain happy.

Then I used Wilton’s cornflower blue with a pinch of sky blue to get the color of Rick’s hair and shirt. Always start out with less gel when coloring your fondant, build up the shade little by little. I already had some brown, black, red and yellow fondant on hand for the rest of Rick and Morty (Wilton’s brown,black, red-red and golden yellow food gel) so I was good to go! You should have something like what is pictured below after you are done with the fondant you just colored. Morty’s skin, Rick’s skin, Rick’s shirt color and finally Rick’s hair color.

12119320_10153528020530358_1586919855_o - Copy

Moving on to our characters heads, I added a little but of Tylose powder to my fondant and shaped their little beans until I had something like this.


I set their heads aside to firm up then started on my “portal”. For this I cut out a circle of green that was slightly smaller then the top of my cake. I used Wilton’s leaf green and lemon yellow to get this limey shade. I then used some leaf green gel mixed with a bit of vodka to paint on my swirly pattern.


For a little more dimension (hehe) I added some flecks of Americolor white food gel and then flecks of white mixed with lemon yellow. To top it off I sprinkled some Wilton’s gold luster dust in the middle and smeared that around.


While that is drying, I went back to my heads. I started with Rick since he was going to take the longest and began cutting out his hair. Roll out the lighter blue shade and trace out a jagged design with a sharp knife (I used an xacto knife). Trim away a bit of the bottom of your jagged shape and fit the hair around Rick’s head. You want to sit a little back on his forehead and it should extend quite far down either side of his skull. Use a photo for reference to help you out! Once you’re happy with it, secure it with some clear piping gel or water. Stand it up against a piece of fondant to dry.

12119738_10153528020170358_929574254_o 12165417_10153528019900358_2033913483_o 12168367_10153528019440358_1363056629_o12164686_10153528019630358_1659605491_o

For his eyes I cut out two white circles using a piping tip and then added two black pupils, making sure to rough them up a bit so they are not perfectly round. Then I rolled out a thin snake in the same shade as his hair and applied it above his eyes for one long eyebrow.


Rick’s a drunk, lets face it, so he always has bags under his eyes. I rolled out a thin snake of black and cut it in half, then placed them close underneath his eye balls.


For his mouth I rolled a thicker snake of black then curled it upwards on either side and flattened it with my finger. You want to place it on his face so that one side is slightly sticking out. I then rolled out a very thin snake of Rick’s flesh tone fondant and wrapped it around his mouth for his lips.  Once I was happy with that I added a little nose and wubba lubba dub dubs his face was starting to look more “Ricky”.

12165006_10153528018070358_2026045300_o 12168438_10153528017255358_1608062984_o

I cut out some teeny tiny white sqares for his teeth and added a tongue, then rolled out some of the same green fondant I used for my portal and added it where the seem on his lips was visible. Rick’s always spewing up some weird bile looking stuff, so it really completed the look. I also added a little black line beneath his mouth just for more expression.

12165100_10153528015490358_1526226791_o 12165449_10153528015410358_1500338666_o - Copy12164745_10153528014490358_203189925_o - Copy12165449_10153528015410358_1500338666_o

For Morty you want to add some dark brown to the top of his head for his hair. Make sure its not too flat against his skull because Morty kind of has a fro.


Follow the same steps you used for Rick’s eyes and then roll a black snake of fondant and cut it in half for his eyebrows. Morty always looks worried, so I attempted to furrow his brows a bit. Add a little button-y nose, slap on a frown, and your done!

12165326_10153528014465358_1229749941_o - Copy 12164715_10153528014390358_340958766_o12165566_10153528014220358_534442763_o - Copy

After I finished their heads I decided to add one of my favorite characters, Mr. Poopy Butthole. Hate the name, love the guy.

Take some of that flesh colored fondant you used for Morty and add some extra golden yellow gel to it until you get Mr. PB’s skin tone. Add some tylose powder and roll his out out in a fat sausage shape. Add some eyes, pupils, his long skinny nose and his mouth.

12168788_10153528013915358_1828239729_o12165038_10153528013855358_297056383_o - Copy 12169540_10153528013640358_1667496087_o

To finish him off I added his little top hat (for some reason I didnt take a picture of his hat but you’ll see it later once I start his body) and set him aside to dry.

Body time! For rick I started out with the darker blue fondant I had colored and rolled it into a thick sausage shape, flattening it down with my fingers. I basically just trimmed away the top and bottom and added a piece of Rick’s flesh tone for his neck.


I rolled out another sausage using brown and cut out the shape of his legs. Sorry for the blurry pic! Then I bent them how I wanted, making to to square off his “knees” so they weren’t too rounded. Lastly I rolled out some black and added his belt.


For his coat I cut out some white and placed it on either side of his shirt, then cut out the lapel part and glued them on top.


At this point I added Rick to the portal. Take your time with this to make sure you place him where you want, leaving enough room for Morty.


For Morty, follow the same steps for his pants and shirt as you did for rick, making sure to cut out the shape of his t-shirt as pictured below. Morty’s neck is always hidden, so don’t worry about that step. Once finished, add Morty to the portal along side Rick.

12167178_10153185773936616_59363738_n 12167882_10153185773881616_1932609257_n 12167760_10153185773866616_1556233912_n 12064127_10153185773841616_1033514399_n12064089_10153185773796616_2070002025_n

Next we want to add the finishing details for both characters. For ricks arms I rolled out long strips of white and attached them at his shoulders. For his hands I rolled out a fat teardrop shape and flatted it with my finger. I then used my xacto knife to cut out his fingers. I formed them to match the picture I was referencing.

12048950_10153185773776616_455626263_n 12166183_10153185773746616_1482800607_n 12168141_10153185773741616_301382163_n 12166895_10153185773711616_945731357_n


For Morty’s arm, I didn’t want there to be a seam between his hand and “wrist”, so I rolled out a snake of his flesh tone but didn’t touch the very end of one side, keeping it round. Follow the same steps for Rick’s hands. I want it to look like Rick and Morty are coming out of the portal, so don’t worry about doing a hand on one of Morty’s arms, just roll out a long flesh tone snake for one side.


At this point you should have something that looks like this:


I added balls of yellow fondant to each of the legs that are pointing upwards and to Morty’s arm. Using your finger or a sculpting tool you want to blend the sides of the balls down so that they are flush with your green portal. I then added a few more details to the portal (more yellow flecks).


Next add their feet, using black little triangles for ricks feet and grey triangles for Morty. Don’t forget to add little white socks! I also added a little yellow buckle on Rick’s belt.


And Voila!

12168136_10153185772256616_329173407_n 12067169_10153185772206616_1527330125_n

For Mr. PB ,you’re going to follow the same steps for Rick and Morty to make his body.

12081474_10153185773576616_1624659455_n (1) 12166502_10153185772516616_2115307790_n 12167806_10153185772476616_448567360_n 12048973_10153185772291616_715333724_n


And there you have it! Your very own Rick and Morty! Thank you for reading, I will be uploading a new tutorial every week! If you liked this tutorial, feel free to follow us on our social media pages:)!

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