Nightmare Before Christmas cake!

Happy October cakerinos!

Nightmare before Christmas 2 Nightmare before christmas one

We love us some Nightmare Before Christmas. Like, seriously. No matter how old we get that movie still gives us the feels. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when a client asked me to make a NBC cake for them!! This was a beauty.

3/4 of the hill was sculpted out of cake but the end tip was formed when I covered the cake in fondant. I place a balled up wad of cling film under the curled end so that it stayed in place and dried without coming undone *shakes fist at gravity*. Pumpkins were made from fondant as well as the gravestones, fence, and vines. I made the sun from gum paste and stuck a skewer in it, letting it dry for about 5 days before securing it behind the hill in the cake. I took some yellow and orange luster dust and applied it in a swirly pattern to give it some depth.

I had originally colored the fondant using Wilton’s violet gel coloring, but once I had it on the cake I thought it looked a bit flat and wasn’t as dark as I would have liked. Booze to the rescue!! I mixed some black gel food coloring with my good friend mr. vodka and gave the whole cake a nice coat. Make sure the gel is completely dissolved before applying it to your fondant so it isn’t streaky.

For the silhouette of Jack and Sally I used a cut out I had printed off and secured it with toothpicks.